Pesticides and Bees

Many on the road have actively worked to improve the number of bees around by planting bee-friendly plants. Bees are constantly under threat, especially from the use of pesticides. FoE say:

“Right now, 3 neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics) are banned in the UK and other European countries after they were found to pose a risk to bees.  But the ban isn’t permanent and is under constant attack from pesticide firms and the National Farmers’ Union (NFU). At the start of 2017, the NFU made an application to use neonics on British oilseed rape fields sown this year. But the details of the application are being kept a secret from us.”

For more information and a link to ask your MP to back the ban, follow the link below.

1000 Swifts Registration Open

It’s free, Register here. let’s meet up for a ‘swift’ drink or two soon to share ideas.

Battery hens looking for homes.

The British Hen Welfare Trust is looking for good homes for weary ex-battery hens. Is it feasible here with all our lovely foxes? Info at The BHWT Site.

What is the weather usually like on September 2nd?

Local neighbourhood watch meeting.

People from Chester and Salop roads are getting together for a meeting on Saturday 18th March, 10.15am at The Mill.

1000 Swifts Over Walthamstow

A few people on the street are planning on participating in the 1000 Swifts Over Walthamstow Project. Here’s a link to a PDF copy of the poster about the event for more info.




New life for street party disco ball

Hi Folks,

I’m afraid the street party disco ball suffered a major injury a while ago after it managed to fall out of the loft. No worries though, I’ve recycled it as a plant pot!

Image of Street Party Disco Ball Plant Pot