Elmfield Road is on the Jumble Trail this Sunday 16th September.

Come and visit us for everything from bric a brac, toys, books and furniture right through to quality vintage gear. 10am to 4pm and free entry (of course).


Elmfield Road site on google

We might take it for granted, but it’s worth taking a moment to ponder this. If you type Elmfield Road into google, out of 300,000 possible results our little blog about our road only comes second from the top to a TFL bus info page. Some multinational corporations invest millions to get that level of exposure. Well done those who contribute.

Lamoud and David are doing food every weekend at The Coppermill.

Friday night is mostly burgers – veggie/vegan burgers and chicken, lamb and beef burgers – all with chips and salad. Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings you’ve also got various thai curry and noodle dishes, curried goat, jerk chicken, rice and peas and several veggie/vegan thai/caribbean foods to try.

Jumble Trail Sunday September 16th

Several houses on the road intend to take part in the jumble trail this year, so do come along and meet us. For people on the road who still want to register, here’s some info from St James Big Local:

“f you’d like to get involved, do contact our Community Development Worker, Rachel, at sjblteamjt@gmail.com with your name, address and details of what you’ll be selling. You can even provide photos of sale items as well if you wish.  At previous trails, sellers have found that customers will come specifically for items in the photographs, and/or sales are made before or after the sale date, so this is a really useful tool!”

More info at 


Something is killing birds in the lea flood relief channel

The other day there was a dead bird floating under the water, which was sad but unusual. Over the past few days a family of two swans and their four young have been hanging around, all appeared healthy. By Saturday, one of the young swans has died and another now looks really ill. We’ve contacted a swan sanctuary to see if they can help. Please keep a look out for sick birds.

Images – and a video clip -from Roy’s Dunwich bike ride

Sponsored bike ride – done.

Roy writes:

“Ok. So I did it. Left at 20:00, arrived in Dunwich just before 05:00. The powerful tailwind was extremely welcome. Thanks again for everyone’s contributions and support.”