Building the honesty bar – nice one, Clifford!


Brilliant Street Party. Well done everyone. Photos soon!

2018 Party Final Running Order – Probably.

Hopeful at 7pm.

The outcome wasn’t what we’d dared to dream, but being part of a community that can come together to knock up a world cup watching gazebo at such short notice is something we can be proud of. Behind me kids were out playing together while more people were chatting before the game started. Would this have happened without the kind of annual street party we’ve worked so hard to give people over the past 10 years, despite the headaches, grief and occasional sneering? I, for one, doubt it.

A week to go …

Meeting notes – Wednesday 4th July 2018


Present: Bob, Clifford, David G, Ian, Jen, Jo, Rob (at the start),

Thibaut, Roy.

1. Hay bales being bought. No use for them afterwards. Offered to Rob for his allotments after we’ve finished with them.

2. Gazebos – final one being ordered. Old ones will also be used (2 left?). Chester road have asked if they can borrow a couple of our old ones this weekend for their party.

3. Timbers for the old marquee will no longer be needed so will be put

out for people to take after the party weekend.

4. Honesty ‘Bar’ – Jo will be acting as overall boss and adopting a ‘Bet Lynch’

management approach, so no messing about folks 🙂

5. Honesty ‘Bar’ Rota – please put down your name for a rota slot or two on the

day – we need to make sure there are always 2 people behind the bar and

no-one we don’t all know should be there, just in case there’s any funny

business. No kids also. John will be bar manager most of the time but

will be busy with the birthday party 2.30 – 4.30pm so we need to make

sure there’s cover then.

6. Honesty ‘Bar’ shopping list – sorted. typed and emailed to clifford and Jo.

7. bins – needed for drinks storage – borrowing Bob’s plus

CLifford’s got some, Ian and Jo have old kitchen bins we can also use.

8. Bake off – usual judge might not be available – David, Thibaut and

now Jeff volunteered to act as stand-in judging team if necessary. Still

bring out creations at 3pm. Debbie and Dave organising cups, awards

etc. Best garden – David (G) needs to check on progress of this with the

mystery judges ….

9. Bins. Can we bring out some of our bins to make an area for —

recycling (glass, cans), composting (food, compostable plates etc),

general waste (black bins).

10. Using the event to raise awareness / sort out local issues. Debated

the pros/cons of a producing a petition for local councillors about

traffic calming needed for the road versus using the latest TFL ‘liveble

neighbourhoods’ ‘consultation process’ done via the web using their

usual PR/data processing ‘consultancy firms’ etc – agreed we can do

both. Will put up a ‘board’ on the day for people to have a general

whinge on.

11. Looks like we might have a mystery band playing a short set during

the afternoon – watch this space and be present at the birth of a new

cultural phenomenum, maybe. Byt they have to do a backdrop and help

decorate in the morning.

12. Council funding confirmed. Will meet around half of general infrastructure costs of the event.

13. Next meeting – Clifford wants to get one gazebo up on thursday next week so he can start working – so we thought might as well meet under it thursday night.

Helped by funding from WF council

Vape bottle solar powered bar sign… done!