Hedgehog update

Hedgehog alert

We’ve seen a hedgehog walking in the road twice this week at between 9pm – 10pm, so if you are driving around that time please keep a look out for him/her.

Even more photos

From Nino.

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More Street Party Photos.

From Deb.

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2016 Video Clips

Anyone got any more?


Another great party

Good job everyone, well done! Here’s a few pics from yesterday’s party.

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Construction begins & Weather

According to the Met Office site we’ve got 60% probability of rain on Friday night at 6pm and 8pm (which might impact on the film night). Saturday – sunny/cloudy up to 1pm, 40% risk of rain at 1pm, then 2pm onwards getting warmer and sunnier.

Construction of the shelter (lets hope we won’t need it) begins….



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