Any local vinyl junkies?

This barge-based record shop frequently moors near Springfield Park.

Coppermill CPZ Consultation – Elmfield asked to review their decision

Some residents on the street are a little confused about the recent letter sent out by the council saying they are carrying out “further consultation” regarding the introduction of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in the area.

The letter explains:

“Following .. the recent consultation proposing to introduce [a CPZ] in your area we are writing to inform you of the decision to carry out an additional consultation with certain streets…”

It goes on to give the results of the consultation – 51% did not support the introduction of a CPZ, 49% did.

 It then goes on to say “the council has approved the … CPZ … only in the streets who voted in favour for parking controls.”

This has confused people, as many thought the consultation was about a CPZ “in our area”, not our individual street(s).  People were fully aware that the introduction of parking controls in adjacent streets might have an effect on streets that don’t implement a CPZ.

Some on the street also felt they didn’t receive the same letter as their neighbours.

Whether in favour or not of the CPZ, it would seem an odd way of going about a consultation, as people feel the ‘goalposts have been changed’.

Some on the street want to get together, possibly with people in surrounding streets, to discuss this further. Let us know if you’d like to meet up.

London play streets makes roads safe for kids to play.

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To start the process on Elmfield have a chat to your neighbours then contact

Elmfield Rd Urban Bee/Hedgehog Pathway.

Anyone fancy going out to sow some spring bulbs & seeds before it gets too cold? We gathered loads of seeds we can use.

CPZ Consultation: Residents having their say

This has appeared on a lamp post on the street (also, see comments from a couple of residents below the image):



A couple of residents write:

“Just a big thank you to ever has put up the CPZ blurb on the lamp post. I know we don’t all think the same but please can we encourage everyone to at least read it! As well as stating the arguments put forward on the lamp post, we have asked the Council to make the process transparent and to allow us to view the results i.e. all the forms, to ensure fair play.”

“Fingers crossed Elmfield Road at least can remain CPZ free, because the introduction of it will make absolutely no difference to the situation we have at the moment, except that we will be paying for it!! As you know our research a few months ago revealed that there are parking spaces available in all the surrounding roads during the day including ours. And ours has parking spaces available at all times day and night.”

“The pressure sometimes occurs in the surrounding roads in the evening as residents return from work, with some of them owning 2 or 3 cars per household and wanting to park in front of their houses. The CPZ will not alleviate this problem as it doesn’t apply in the evenings!”

“The small print in the survey states that individual roads can be excluded from the scheme if residents don’t want it – let’s make Elmfield Road an exception to the rule.”

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