Construction begins & Weather

According to the Met Office site we’ve got 60% probability of rain on Friday night at 6pm and 8pm (which might impact on the film night). Saturday – sunny/cloudy up to 1pm, 40% risk of rain at 1pm, then 2pm onwards getting warmer and sunnier.

Construction of the shelter (lets hope we won’t need it) begins….



The Elmfield Road “Bake Off” 2016

Here’s a few words of guidance from our guest judge Gary:

Greetings bakers of Elmfield Road E17.

It’s that time of year again – the suns up (hopefully), the gazebo will definitely be up and your cakes will be ‘up’ or risen at any rate☺

I have been asked to come along and judge the ‘bake off’ again and I’m delighted to do so.

Each year the standard of baking has gone up, as have the creativity and the taste!

We thought this year we’d give some themes and some criteria for anyone having difficulty deciding what to bake but I love a wildcard so this is here as a guide only.

 Cake themes:

  • Chocolate and citrus – think continental, be bold!
  • Fruit and cream – make it a dream…
  • Cookies & Muffins:
  • Chocolate & fruit – dare to be different.
  • Fruit & grains – healthy doesn’t mean dull and tasteless.

And by way of some insider info this is what Im looking for:

Key criteria is that appearance is appropriate to that style of bake

In general, cakes should have a flat or slightly rounded top

  • Ingredients should be well distributed throughout the cake
  • For cakes, texture should be moist, fluffy and velvety, but not undercooked
  • There should be no air tunnels within the bake
  • Flavour should be consistent, balanced and be of well-chosen combinations
  • Unfrosted bakes should have a uniform colouring with no burning
  • Frosted bakes should be iced with consistency and skill, and should not be sticky, tacky or crystallised
  • Bakes should not taste of fat, oil, etc, unless this is a feature of the bake – for example, olive oil bread or buttery brioche.

Looking forward to the 2nd.


Next Street Party Meeting May 26th

Please come along to our next meeting if you’re interested in how this years plans are developing or want to get involved.

Thursday 26th May 8pm onwards Coppermill (beer garden, weather permitting).

Date set for 2016 Street Party

There were a total of 28 responses to the recent questionnaire asking residents if they’d like a street party again this year and if so, when to hold it. A resounding 100% of the respondents said “YES” to a street party.

Views on the best date weren’t quite as unanimous, with 19 votes for July, 16 for August, 4 for September and 3 for June. When asked about dates to avoid, 1 respondant said they couldn’t make July 2nd, 4 couldn’t make July 9th, 6 couldn’t make the 16th, 4 the 23rd, 3 the 30th, 6 couldn’t do August 6th, 3 couldn’t do the 13th, 3 the 20th and 7 the 27th.

A few of us got together on Monday (18th April) to go through the responses and try to find the best (or least worst) date for the event. From the responses it was clear that the 2nd of July was the least worst date, but some felt it was too early in the summer. However, after much discussion, it was agreed this is the fairest date to choose and appears to be the only date most people can make the event.

It was agreed that this year’s event will be Saturday July 2nd 2pm – late.

More details will be provided in the newsletter being dropped through letterboxes this week.

The next planning meeting & get together is on Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May at 6pm at the Coppermill (hopefully outside, weather permitting). Come along if you can.

Remember, Bob’s Birthday Party will be held on Saturday June 4th from 2pm – 4pm. All Elmfield residents are invited.


First 2016 get together – 8pm Monday at the Coppermill

Come along if you’re free & help us go through the questionnaires to decide the best date for the party.


The Story So Far: 2008 – 2015.

Street Party 2015 Final Newsletter!

details of events



Update: why not make some Paper Flowers?




Details of the games and the running order will be displayed on a board on the day.

  • The road is closed to through traffic from mid-day. Please move vehicles to either end of the street to help make a safe play space.
  • Volunteers are still needed to help with face painting and running the games. Come forward on the day if you can help.
  • Please let us borrow your camping / garden chairs for the day – we’ll provide labels to help you keep track of them.
  • Bring out food / drink to share if you can.
  • Bring out your bake-off entry by 3pm. There’s no theme for the competition this year, just let your imagination run riot if you like.  The two categories are under 16s and 16s and overs. Entry is free as usual and open to anyone on Elmfield or guests.


If you have any music you’d like to add to the general background music during the afternoon please drop round a CD or MP3 to number 39 asap or bring to the next meeting.

We’re still having what you might loosely call “Planning meetings” every Thursday at 8PM outside the Coppermill – all are welcome.

 We’ve also decided to have an extra get together a week before the party:-

MEETING SUNDAY JULY 5TH 3PM ON THE GREEN AREA – WHEN WE’LL BE PROVIDING BLANK BUNTING FLAGS FOR YOU TO DECORATE AND BRING ON THE DAY (decorate with images of you, your family,your home, the street – anything connected with Elmfield Road. We hope to stick all the bunting together and use it every year).