Funding approved for Street Party

We are very pleased to announce that this year we will be receiving funding from Waltham Forest Council High Street Ward to help cover the costs of the party. This will help us to put on the best party ever for our neighbours and their family and friends. The money will help us to buy materials we need for the Marquee and help pay for street decorations we can use for the day, compostable food/drink containers (we’re going for ‘zero waste’ as much as possible this year), the DJ hire costs, bouncy castle hire and other bits and pieces that we need for the event. If you are buying anything you might want reimbursement for (no booze, sorry!) remember to keep receipts and have a chat with Clifford.


Panto Horse – first attempt…

Street Party 2017 planning meeting 5-7-17- notes.

A few of us managed to get together after the Swifts meeting yesterday to have a chat about this year’s Street Party. I managed to get down some notes and here’s a summary of what was discussed (let me know if I’ve missed anything if you were there).

David (9) will be contacting the council to apply for the road to be closed.

Outline plan for the day:-

  • 10am get the roof on the structure!
  • 11am start decorating
  • 2pm games start, food coming out, music on, party starts 🙂
  • 5-6-ish awards/bake-off etc?
  • 7pn raffle?
  • 8pm TBC (see below)
  • 9pm Bex (DJ)

Above times may need to be adjusted as we go along.

The aim this year (as ever) is to get the roof on the structure and the street decorated as early as possible. To that end, marquee construction will begin the day before (at least) and any help will be welcome. Some decoration will also start the day before, help welcome. We need to check if we have enough bunting or need to buy (make?) more. Any creative ideas for decorations we can put up around the street or in the marquee welcome. We hope to get some solar lights to add to the bunting and to put in the trees as it’ll be dark earlier this year with it being September so could look really good.

Hopefully Nicola will be able to do face painting for a couple of hours in the afternoon but if anyone is willing to volunteer some time to help with face painting have a chat beforehand (or on the day).
Anyone willing to help out with the running of the games have a chat to Laurence or Gordon.

Games are likely to include:

  • All the old favourites as usual, sack race, 3-legged race etc – hopefully Laurence can get hold of the props: let us know if we need to add anything.
  • We’ll also be having the ‘beer goggles’ games, space hoppers and we’re exploring if it’s feasible to add a ‘pantomime horse race’ … watch this space!
  • Tug of War: Margaret’s offered to buy a replacement to the one we broke last year! That’ll be the street tug of war rope.
  • Possible obstacle course?

We’ll probably need to buy more medals for the awards ceremony.

Do we need to track down the best garden and bake off trophies?

We can make space for people to set up tables if they want to sell any of their crafts or want to promote a charity/local organisation – just have a chat to us on the day (but bring your own table).

We do need some people to volunteer to help make sure the awards run smoothly (Debbie and Dave again?)

There’ll be a raffle and we think £1 a ticket £4 for 5 is reasonable. We will be asking for donated gifts. If there is a big disparity between the values of the donations we’re pondering if we could auction off a few items – not sure how this might work so that’s still something to ponder.

We are looking into the possibility of a band BUT still very early days – depends on logistics of setting up a full band, how much they might want paying, availability.

We are in the process of convincing a surprise guest DJ from the street to perform a set on the night – again watch this space for details.

We all thought a Dressing Up Box could be a lot of fun, especially for the guest DJ set. If anyone can donate any old ridiculous cloths, wigs etc just bring them out on the day. Maybe we can buy in some cheap wigs etc? Maybe if you’re out in charity shops and spot something you could imagine going down well pick it up and keep it until the day?

DJ Bex is playing again. She is happy for “guilty pleasures” requests BUT please keep it to a maximum of three suggestions. If you use the Subject Line Elmfield Guilty Pleasures it might help her to keep track of the emails. Remember we’ll be trying to dance to your suggestions so please no Gregorian chanting, industrial soundscapes, operatic ventures etc

we’re pondering setting up an ‘honesty’ cocktail bar for the evening time. Would need to be staffed and set up.

Possible space for stalls where residents can sell craft items or promote local organisations?



What is the weather usually like on September 2nd?

UPDATE MAY 2017: Due to unforseen circumstances we’ve had to move the proposed date of this year’s event to the week later – Saturday September 9th. A newsletter / questionnaire will soon be circulated to residents asking for their opinions on this new date.

New life for street party disco ball

Hi Folks,

I’m afraid the street party disco ball suffered a major injury a while ago after it managed to fall out of the loft. No worries though, I’ve recycled it as a plant pot!

Image of Street Party Disco Ball Plant Pot

2016 Video Clips

Anyone got any more?


Another great party

Good job everyone, well done! Here’s a few pics from yesterday’s party.

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