More photos.

Rob’s added some new photos to the 2013 Photos page.


Thank you everybody for making this years event so special.

Well, another years street party is over. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard building and deconstructing the marquee & decorating the street. Thanks also to everyone who donated raffle prizes and bought tickets and who brought out food and drink. Thanks especially to the band for putting on such fantastic entertainment for us all. Well done to all the winners of the games and competitions and thanks to everyone who took part. Finally, thanks to everyone who came along and enjoyed the day.

I’m currently collecting photos to upload – can you either drop them round on a USB stick or email them in. UPDATE: Here’s a link to all the photos uploaded so far.

Street Party Update

Running order on the day.

  • morning – please come out to help finish off the Marquee and decorate the street
  • 1pm music starts. Bring out food and drink if you can.
  • 3pm deadline for bringing out cakes for the Bake Off Competition.
  • 3pm Swing Cats.
  • 4.30pm Elmfield Street Games.
  • 6pm Announcements of competition winners (Bake Off, Garden competitions)
  • 7pm Irish Folk Band
  • 9pm Raffle draw
  • 10pm (or earlier if we can finish the raffle) Karaoke and Disco

Bake Off Competition.

The judge needs everyone to bring out their entries by 3pm at the latest. The winners will be announced around 6pm.

When you bring out your creation make sure to get your entry registered by Debbie or Dave.


The materials for the marquee arrived on thursday morning. Please keep an eye on the materials and the Marquee and if you can, come out on Saturday morning to help get the huge cover over the frame.

Clearing the street of cars

There will be reminder notes put on windscreens asking people if they can move their cars on the day.


Well its not looking very good but we can still hope. The marquee will offer shelter if it rains. It would be great if you can bring out garden chairs and tables for everyone to use in the Marquee (our outside if the weather is good).


This week we have now been informed we have been successful in our bid for funding from the council to help cover some of the costs of the event.


This will mainly be used to cover the cost of materials needed for the marquee after all our original poles went missing a few months ago, with a small amount left over to help cover other costs. We’ll still rely on income from the raffle.

See you all on Saturday!


More information about the street party competitions


street party poster

AUGUST 17TH 2013 1PM TO 11PM


This is a competition for the best looking front garden on the road.

One prize (a £20.00 shopping voucher) will be awarded by an independent unbiased judge who will select the winner based on the following criteria:-

  • Most creative decorations
  • How well maintained the garden appears on the day

Judging will take place from around 5pm with the prize being awarded at around 6pm. There is no entrance fee for this competition.


There are two categories for this competition:-

  • Under 16 year olds
  • 16 and overs

This is a cake making competition. You can enter anything that would traditionally be known to be a cake (or collection of cakes) that has been through the baking process.

A trophy and a £20.00 shopping voucher will be awarded to the winner of each category.

Entry to the competition is free.

Anyone who lives on the street can enter. You can compete against familiy members or housemates.

All entries must be brought out by 5pm. There will be a table set aside for competition entries inside the marquee or under a gazebo. You’ll be given a ticket that identifies you as the rightful owner but your identity will remain anonymous.

Cakes will be judged on criteria that includes:-

  • baking skills (cakes that are obviously made from a packet mix won’t score well on this criteria)
  • use of ingredients
  • taste / flavour
  • creative design

(NOTE: this criteria might be updated closer to the event – watch this space).

The winners will be announced at around 6pm.

You won’t get your cake back afterwards, especially if it’s delicious.



Street Party Newsletter June 2013

Click to download/view in PDF form. A print copy should be posted to every house in the next few days.

June 2013

Date for 2013 party selected.

A vote was taken at the recent planning meeting held on April 24th on whether we should a party this year and if so, what is the best date to hold the party.

Everyone agreed we should hold a party and the date selected was August 17th 2013.

For details of the discussion held at the meeting refer to the meetings page.

The next planning meeting will be held on May 30th outside the Coppermill Pub. Have a look at the meetings page to find out why it was decided to go back to meeting at the pub. Everyone on the street is invited to the meeting, so please come along if you can.

2013 Street Party 1st Planning Meeting


First 2013 Street Party Planning Meeting Wednesday April 24th 7pm At The Mill on Coppermill Lane ---------------------------------------------------------- Please come along so we can discuss if we’d like to have a party this year and if yes, when it should be held & what events we’d like.

If you can’t make it please leave any ideas or comments here so they can be discussed at the meeting.