Remembrance Plaque

Further to the recent exploration into the past residents of the road who lost their lives in World War 1, some residents decided they would like to pay respect to the everyday working class people from the road who lost their lives to the futility of war.

This will be in the form of a plaque on the wall by the bike hangar. There will be a short dedication at 11am on Saturday December 8th.


Elmfield’s 2009 Street Party – Time lapse video


I shall be in Walthamstow to kill a podgy woman. Yours faithfully, – JACK THE RIPPER.”

From CaseBook.Org:-


“On Wednesday an extraordinary document, and one to which too much importance must not be attached, as it is more than likely that it was the work of some stupid person with peculiar notions of humour, was found outside the “Coach and Horses” public house, St. James-street. The document which, we are informed, is now in the possession of the police, was in these words:- “D— you! my dear ladies and gentlemen. I shall be in Walthamstow to kill a podgy woman. Yours faithfully, – JACK THE RIPPER.”

How the ‘Blitz’ affected Elmfield

Have a look at BombSight to see how people living on the road and surrounding areas were¬† affected during the ‘blitz’ bombings of 1940-1941 (thanks to Roy for this link).

Walthamstow Pump House Museum

While everyone is enthusing about the William (don’t mention the arsenic) Morris Museum, if you want to avoid the yummies and their special types of offspring, why not explore this local gem that’s about 10 minutes walk from here. Interesting history & examples of the technology involved in the development of social public transport over the years. William Morris might have been horrified that all these oiks could now afford to catch the bus to Walthamstow!

Anyone remember Small Wonder Records on Hoe Street?

If you frequented the small shop that became one of the most influential independent record labels of the early 80s then the guy who wrote up this interview with Pete Stennet would like to hear from you.

WW2 bombs on Elmfield Road

Thus new site maps out all the bombs recorded as dropping in our local area during WW2.