Remembrance Plaque

Further to the recent exploration into the past residents of the road who lost their lives in World War 1, some residents decided they would like to pay respect to the everyday working class people from the road who lost their lives to the futility of war.

This will be in the form of a plaque on the wall by the bike hangar. There will be a short dedication at 11am on Saturday December 8th.


St James Big Local Carol Concert on Sunday at 5pm

Sunday 9th December at the xmas tree bottom of the high street. Starts at 5pm.

More info at the St James Big Local website.

100 years ago, Elmfield Road.

Source: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Records of those who returned alive but with life changing physical disabilities and/or psychological disorders, affecting both them and their families, appear not to be available at this time.

Come out and join us from 7pm. Bring Fireworks if you can. If not, just bring yourself.

Last year.

Fireworks 2017


How Londoners can help hedgehogs at home | London Wildlife Trust

How Londoners can help hedgehogs at home | London Wildlife Trust
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Wildflowers: 1st section raked, sowed and watered.

Elmfield Jumble Trailers September 2018