Dave’s article on urban hedgehogs in Waltham Forest Echo

Something to think about in Autumn while we’re clearing up the leaves and checking the fences. Hedgehogs need holes in fences to navigate and nice piles of logs etc to nest in.





Nearly there…

It’s looking like we should be OK, weather-wise…

If you are around at 10am come out and help get the cover on the stage tent. It’s loads of fun!

  • Street / tent decorating from 11am-ish onwards.
  • Bring out raffle prize donations to the raffle tent by 2pm.
  • Kids bouncy castle from 1pm – 7pm.
  • Bring out food from 2pm onwards.
  • Games start about 3pm – check out the Running Order board for details.
  • Bring out your Bake Off entry to the ‘bake off’ gazebo by 4pm at the latest.
  • Raffle tickets £1, £4 for 5. Draw at 7pm.
  • Elmfield Allstar DJs set starts after raffle draw.
  • DJ Bex 9pm onwards.
  • Share your cocktail / mocktail creations at the Cocktail Bar from 8pm.
  • Have a great party!

One week to go – preliminary evening running order

Street Party Meeting Notes – August 29th 2017

1. We’d like to get some street decorations up the night before, so it’s a bit less frantic on the day. Come out and have a pre-party decorating party in the evening if you are free.

2. Still sorting out potential suppliers for hay/straw bales. We might still need help collecting on friday and returning Sunday/Monday, but if we were to sort out a potential lead on a supplier who sells and delivers them, would any neighbours have any use for them afterwards e.g. In gardens, on allotments?

3. Council funding is great but unlikely to cover everything  –  stuff like marquee materials, decorations, lights, games props, dj hire etc all build up in costs.   The raffle will still be an important source of funds, so need to remind people to gather up prize donations to bring out on the day.  They only need to be small items, arty/crafty pieces maybe?

4. Bake Off entries need to be out by 4pm, winners selected by popular vote this year.

5. Cocktail bar is coming together – we now have a pineapple ice bucket. We can’t use council funding for alcohol but could apply for reasonable costs of mixers, ice, mocktail ingredients, cocktail umbrellas etc to be reimbursed if receipts are kept.

6. Panto horse dressage is probably going to be a bit too much to arrange UNLESS anyone is willing to take it on as a project i.e. perfect a demonstration routine beforehand (costumes available from #9 or #11 if you want to rehearse) so people can then try to copy, ‘generation game’ style?

7. Panto horse race still going ahead of course.

8. Running order – games to about 5pm, awards 6pm-ish, raffle at 7pm – if we can get through the raffle in half an hour the ‘elmfield allstar djs’ could start at 7.30pm? DJ Bex from 9pm.

9. Suggestions for DJ names for Jeff and Gordon still required. Flash Gordon is sounding good, but sorry George, your suggestion for your dad’s dj name isn’t repeatable.

10. I think thats it?

Final get together next tuesday 8pm coppermill. Mainly to sort out if there’s any bits and pieces we need to buy.

St James Big Local 2017 JumbleTrail 17th September.

Panto Horse – first attempt…

Swift Nesting Boxes Proposal

Follow the link below for information about the proposal to have Swift Nesting Boxes on the road and surrounding streets.


Coppermill Swifts – Nesting Boxes Proposal