Elmfield snow 2017


Blackhorse workshops xmas market at ‘Sideshow’ this thursday


W12 now reduced to 2 per hour.

Good luck working out the new timetable.

WW2 Bombs over Elmfield.

BBC series remembers ‘The Blitz That Changed Britain’. Several bombs fell on and around Elmfield – have a look at this map:


Even as the bombs were falling in those dark days, while some in power where busy defending or covering up their shocking decisions and failures to protect people, with lies that persist to this day, many others had the confidence that the nazis would be defeated and the guts to start working on plans to try to ensure the people of Europe would never be misled ike this again…

Fireworks Night Sat Nov 4th 2017

Dave’s article on urban hedgehogs in Waltham Forest Echo

Something to think about in Autumn while we’re clearing up the leaves and checking the fences. Hedgehogs need holes in fences to navigate and nice piles of logs etc to nest in.




Nearly there…

It’s looking like we should be OK, weather-wise…

If you are around at 10am come out and help get the cover on the stage tent. It’s loads of fun!

  • Street / tent decorating from 11am-ish onwards.
  • Bring out raffle prize donations to the raffle tent by 2pm.
  • Kids bouncy castle from 1pm – 7pm.
  • Bring out food from 2pm onwards.
  • Games start about 3pm – check out the Running Order board for details.
  • Bring out your Bake Off entry to the ‘bake off’ gazebo by 4pm at the latest.
  • Raffle tickets £1, £4 for 5. Draw at 7pm.
  • Elmfield Allstar DJs set starts after raffle draw.
  • DJ Bex 9pm onwards.
  • Share your cocktail / mocktail creations at the Cocktail Bar from 8pm.
  • Have a great party!