Elmfield Foxes.

If you choose to live in London on the edge of the beautiful and peaceful Walthamstow Marshes you will inevitably share your garden with wildlife, especially spiders and urban foxes. Complaining about fox disruption to gardens is the same as moving to the high street because of the vibrancy of the market and then complaining about the noise when the traders set up at 3am. 

Foxes have been here long before houses were built here and will no doubt still be here long after. They don’t differentiate between the marshes and our gardens. Until recently they used spare bits of land to raise cubs. Now these are all built on they have started resorting to using whatever space they can still find in their territory, ideally close to a suitable food source of e.g. mice, rats, invertebrates etc.

Mange has spread through the local fox population. This awful disease causes suffering and can spread to other animals, so people have been putting out medication to try to eradicate the outbreak, using jam to encorage the foxes to eat it. This is a 4-6 weeks program of treatment. It does not constitute feeding them.

If you don’t like foxes in your garden please don’t seal it up – we have hedgehogs who use all our gardens. There are many ways to discourage foxes from your garden.

While foxes are considered by some to be pest animals, they are not legally classed as vermin. The council  does not have a duty to control them. They will refer you to so-called ‘vermin control’ private companies who will claim to relocate them but will kill them.

Here’s some useful articles:






One Response

  1. Fair point you are making there. They are certainly not vermin, but I’m not convinced it’s our role to intervene to remediate their mange. I won’t be sealing my garden though – I too like the hedgehogs bumbling about at night.

    I’ll read the articles to get a better understanding of the issues. 😁

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