Tragic events at the Moorhen nest

Unusually, a moorhen decided to build a nest in the flood relief channel earlier in the month. There seems to be alot more bird activity on the road this year, with even ducks and geese coming up onto land. Displaced by disturbances to their usually quiet and private nesting spaces at the ‘wetlands’ maybe?

All seemed fine. We’d hardly had much rain so the channel has been quiet and calm for weeks.

Nest first spotted (we kept it a bit quiet to avoid disturbance).

Even more eggs appeared!

Unfortunately, disaster has struck. It appears last night the rain must have been pretty torrential. We’re guessing the nest, despite appearing to be very well built and stable, must have been largely washed away (or is under the water).


This morning (17 May 2017) – the moorhen still nesting on the remains of what was the nest.




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