Burglaries again.

With depressing predictability, the festive season brings it’s usual increase in break-ins. There have been recent burglaries on Chester Road.

We know it makes little difference if you have an alarm or dog, and anyone who has been burgled can tell you how even the smallest and narrowest open window is an access point.

Houses with side ‘ginnells’ seem to be most vulnerable, but front doors can be quickly bashed open without anyone noticing.

Luckily we are one of the friendliest (nosiest?) streets in the area, so make sure your neighbours know when you are usually out or likely to be away and do swap phone numbers. Anyone on the street should know that, if they are home when anything happens, they can phone their neighbours any time of the day or night for help.

Local police safer neighbourhoods team 020 8721 2035 or use this link to email them.