Elmfield Road Annual Street Party 2016.

It’s that time of the year again when we need to start thinking about whether we want another party this year and when to hold it. We’ll be posting a printed questionnaire in the next few days, but if Elmfield people prefer they can respond online. 

Follow this link to complete the questionnaire online. 

Many of us now communicate via email. Add your email address to the comments section if you want to be added to discussions about issues relevant to our road. 



Elmfield Wild Flower Wildlife Pathway

Late last year a couple of us  went out to plant wildflower bulbs and seedlings along the fence down by the low numbers end of the street to help encourage the development of a wildlife pathway. Now it’s getting into spring time it would be great if people could get out and finish the job.


The Story So Far: 2008 – 2015.