Most of us will have received a note through our doors suggesting we apply for a CPZ to cover Elmfield and other local streets.

As many will know, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of this idea on several occassions, up to very recently, and most residents tend to feel that we’d rather not have a CPZ on Elmfield.

It’s worth noting that the “cost for most vehicles is £25” comment is worhy of further scrutiny, as costs can vary to quite a significant level.

Current permit costs are set out on the WF website.

Also bear in mind that once a CPZ is in place there’s no guarantee costs won’t then rise to similar charges already in place in other parts of London.

If you have any strong feelings about this either way you are strongly advised to contact the council on cpz.schemes@walthamforest.gov.uk as soon as possible, to make sure your opnion is heard/ As Clare Coghill has been asked to “look into this matter” you might want to copy her in to any emails: cllr.clare.coghill@walthamforest.gov.uk and as usual, keep a copy of any correspondance.


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