News from London Wildlife Trust – next wetlands walk

Walthamstow Wetlands walk and talk Sun, 06/12/2015 – 10:00am – 12:00pm

Venue: Walthamstow Wetlands 

Find out about the transformation of the Walthamstow reservoirs into one of largest wetland nature reserves in Europe!


Nightmare update

The weather looks promising for Saturday. We”ll be out from mid afternoon setting things up for the night if anyone wants to help, plus there should be kids activities going on through the afternoon and evening. The road won’t be closed to traffic so do try to keep everyone safe, especially when it gets darker.   Any spare chairs and rugs will be good. There will be tables for any shared food etc.

Please come along to the first (and last) planning meeting – the night before (Friday) 9ish at the Coppermill (not 8 as I said previously). Yes it’s last minute but it”ll all be fine …..


A Nightmare On Elmfield Road: Update.

The whole road has been canvassed and no objections have been raised, so weather permitting the Halloween Film Night is going ahead. The film of choice is Carry On Screaming at around 9pm, with general partying starting early evening. There should be kids games and lantern making. Here’s some  tips about how to make lanterns from old tin cans.

Tin can lantern making.


Perfect bookend for the road.


Hackney council planning fox cull

Eastenders to be revamped….?

Remember, Walford is a mix of Walthamstow and Stratford. 

From ‘walthamstow toss’ ….


Ahead charity cycle ride Saturday Oct 3rd.

A small charity cycle ride will set-off from Elmfield Road this Saturday morning to raise funds for Ahead Charity ( Riders (and walkers) will gather on the green from around 09:30hrs and leave at 10:15hrs. The mayor has been invited to kick it off.

The ride will go across the marshes, through the Olympic Park, before cutting through Victoria Park into Mile End Park. The riders should return to Elmfield Road at around 13:00hrs. There will also be a short walk for those who want to take part but don’t wish to cycle.
A small gazebo will be on the green with some music and food as the participants arrive back.

Numbers are not expected to be large (20-30 people) and you are welcome to come along if you are free.

More about the event and the work of Ahead at the Ahead site.