Hedgehogs on Elmfield

Some of us will have been lucky enough to spot a number of hedgehogs this year, both out on the road and in our gardens. Hedgehogs are fascinating to watch and are also great news for gardeners as they love to munch on slugs and snails. The best time to spot them seems to be when it’s starting to get dark out on the street then a bit later as they work their way through our gardens.

If you want to encourage them into your garden you need to make sure there are gaps in your fence that they can find their way through. Leaving a corner of your garden overgrown might also help, but remember not to disturb it during the winter months.

Don’t put bread and milk out to attract them, although it is possible to put out some types of food to help them build up for hibernation.

Here’s a useful guide to encouraging hedgehogs from the RSPB (though not sure why, as they aren’t birds!).


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