A few weeks ago I managed to get this pic of the smaller of the two hedgehogs that have been checking out the back garden most evenings. 



Film Night – Paul’s film

This year we had an open air ‘film night’ the day before the street party just to see how it might work. It was all a bit of a last minute idea, so if you missed it you can watch one of the films – Paul’s award winning short film – online Wipeout   

Street Party 2015.

Thank you, everybody, for making this year’s event the best ever.

Please share your photos and video clips. You can find photos from this year at the 2015 photos and videos page.

*** Big thanks to  TBX (Becks) for putting together a special set just for the street.  You can listen to her mixes (and discover how to follow her online to catch when she is playing) at the TBX Mixcloud Page ***

Scroll down to find a 5-second time lapse of the whole weekend, from construction on Thursday to deconstruction on Sunday.

If you’ve taken in the Space Hoppers for safe keeping … thanks, please let us know where they are.


Here’s the first Elmfield v The Rest of the World Tug of War. (let’s draw a veil over the second two heats…)


5 Second Time Lapse Video.



This year it’s all about the games.

Here’s some of the games that you can join in and play this Saturday:

Countries *  Poor Boy *  Old Man Snake *  How Many Steps *  Wheelbarrow races *  3 Legged races *  Egg & Spoon races *  Space Hopper races *  Big Feet races *  Beer Goggles race *  Ring on String *  Tug of War *  Sack Races *  Water Bombs *

(don’t worry – there’ll be plenty of us just relaxing or cheering everyone on if you’d rather take it easy)

Games should start around 2pm – Check out the ‘games board’ for the running order on the day. 

Most games will have both kids and grown-ups versions.  The kids’ games usually go first. 

Any offers to help run the games will be very gratefully received.

Celebrating Mavis with Bob 4-7-15

At The Table On The Marsh.


St James Street & South Grove planning consultation

check out what the council plans to do with our end of the high street…