The Walthamstow Beer Project

The Walthamstow Beer Project is looking for new members to help produce a truly local ale.
Our neighbour Nicky was involved last year and explains that “The idea is for lots of people to grow hops, which are then made into a collective beer. Everyone that takes part gets some free beer and the brewery sells the rest to recoup their costs. The group are looking to get some new growers involved this year and I wondered whether people might be interested in growing some hops along the fence in front of the flood relief channel. “There’s a bit more info here. “
“It costs £20 to join in. That gets you one hop rhizome (extra rhizomes are £10), hop twine, a couple of stakes, a fertiliser pack, growing instructions and your share of the beer once its brewed.”

Reel Walthamstow

Have you seen our local hairdresser Neriman Cedet talking on the Everyday Stories of Colossal Importance Reel Walthamstow site yet?


“Created in the London borough of Waltham Forest, Everyday Stories of Colossal Importance is a short film inspired by people’s stories and memories of the local area. The project began with a community engagement process where filmmakers Sarah-Mace Dennis and Richard Bell interviewed people who were from, or who currently live in Walthamstow. Sarah used aspects of the following stories to inspire the script which aimed to combine powerful narratives with vivid imagery to turn everyday experiences into colourful worlds.”