It’s Spider Season Again

As you’ll probably be aware, Elmfield Road and the surrounding streets just aint the place to live if you’ve got a spider phobia, especially in the Autumn. The houses and gardens just seem to suddenly become full of them from August onwards.

Actually, your houses are full of spiders all year round but most of the time they try their best to keep out of your way – but in the Autumn months the males find their urge to mate beats their urge to hide. This is why they all suddenly appear even if you keep your windows closed.

If you’d rather not share your house with spiders you’re pretty much out of luck if you live around here. However, you can build a DIY humane spider catcher to keep the numbers down:

Just cut the top off a large plastic pop bottle, tape a cardboard toilet roll or kitchen roll tube to it (adding a few more until you can touch your celing with the end of the tube).


Now all you have to do is hold the bottle and catch the ceiling spider in the tube -give it a shake and  it’ll drop into the bottle. Keep shaking the bottle while you go round catching the rest of them. They can’t easily climb out of the bottle. Go outside and shake the spiders out of the bottle.

Remember that each spider can eat several hundred bugs per year.

More info at



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