2014 Street Party Nearly Here!

3PM Kids Games

4.30PM Elmfield ‘Olympics’

7PM onwards: music


 Annual Elmfield Bake Off.

leftfoxEntry is free. You just have to let everyone eat your creation afterwards. The competition categories are under 16s and 16s & over. This year’s theme is “tastes of summer”. Your entry should be home made and will be judged on taste, presentation, creativity and originality. Bring out your creations by 3pm for judging. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winner of each category at around 6pm.

Best Front Garden Award.

Anonymous independent judges will be out inspecting our front gardens during the day. A GOLDEN FLOWERPOT will be awarded to the winning house at around 6pm.


The raffle draw will be around 8.30pm. Raffle tickets will be sold on the day (50p each or £2 for a strip of 5). Raffle prizes are donated by residents, David and Jeff will be out collecting raffle prize donations the weekend before the party. As usual, the raffle will help cover costs.


rightfoxEntry to all games is free. Just sign up on the day. The Kids Games will include Egg and Spoon Race, Sack Race, 3 Legged Race and Beanbag on Head Race. The ‘Elmfield Olympics’ will include Space Hopper Race, Tug of War, Wheelbarrow Race and 3 Legged Race. Awards / Prizes for the Kids Games will be given at the end of each game. Winners of the ‘Elmfield Olympics’ will be announced around 6pm. We’d appreciate any offers of help with running the events (just volunteer on the day).

Food / Drink.

There will be tables inside the shelter that people can use to set out any food / drink they’d like to share.

 Road Closure.

The road is officially closed to through traffic from mid-day to around midnight and there will be barriers at each end of the road to try to make the party as safe as possible. If you need to bring a vehicle on or off the road please put the barriers back. Please move any cars normally parked around the middle part of the road to either end by midday to make the road safe for everyone.

Street Decoration & Furniture.

Please come out in the morning to help finish off the shelter construction and street decorations. We’ve built up a good supply of bunting and flags over the years but could still use more if anyone is feeling creative. Any spare garden chairs / tables we can all use on the day would be very much appreciated.

 We’re going to meet every Thursday at 8pm in Coppermill for the couple of weeks leading up to the party. Come along if you’d like to get involved with last-minute planning.




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