One month to go…

street party 2014 logo


Currently, this is the planned order of events:-

  • 3pm start of the Kids Games (this year the prizes will be given at the end of each event).
  •  4,30pm start of the Elmfield ‘Olympics’.
  •  6pm – 7pm Awards for the winners of the ‘Olympics’, Bake Off and Best Front Garden.
  • 7pm Band – The Curfew (Irish Folk).
  •  8pm-8.30pm (depending on when the band finish) start of Raffle draw.
  •  9pm Ska Band.
  •  10pm – 10.30pm (depending on when the band finish) start of Karaoke / Open Mic .

Music will be playing all day (from 2pm – 11ish).

All events are free to enter.

Raffle tickets will be on sale on the day. Funds raised from the raffle help cover costs. Raffle prizes are donated by residents.

Bring some food / drink out to share if you can.

Please come out to help build the shelter/marquee (from thursday/friday) and/or help decorate the street (from Saturday lunchtime).

Remember that the road will be closed to traffic from mid-day to midnight to make it safe for everyone to use on the day. Please move your car to either end of the road before the party starts.

Bring out garden chairs/tables if you have them.

Have a great party!


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