Notes from the Street Party Planning Meeting May 28 2014.

This is a summary of the minutes from the last planning meeting. If you’d like to see the full minutes come to the next planning meeting on Thursday 12th June, Coppermill Pub, 8pm.

Based on feedback from the questionnaires the best date for the party was agreed to be July 26th. We’ve subsequently discovered there is an event planned on Lloyd Park on the same date (Walthamstow Garden Party). We discussed whether we should change the date for the street party to avoid this clash. It was agreed it would be too difficult to try to set a new date at this stage.

The possibility of borrowing a marquee was discussed again. If this doesn’t happen we can construct a shelter.

We are going to hire a PA system this year. We’ll have music playing in between bands and events – if anyone would like to add their preferred tracks to the playlist bring a CD or USB stick to one of the planning meetings. (It’ll be too late to try to add tracks on the day).

We should have live music in the evening from The Curfew (Irish Folk) and possibly a Ska Band.

We’ll have some kind of Karaoke  / Open Mic session later in the evening, but might have to hire a professional  karaoke DJ as people have commented that the range of songs we currently have is limited.

There will be games for all ages including an Elmfield ‘Olympics’.

We’re applying for funding to help cover costs.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 12th June, Coppermill Pub, 8pm.







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