This family have been out on the banks of the waterworks in the afternoon for the past few days now. Anyone got a better camera?

Family of foxes on the waterworks

Family of foxes on the waterworks


Walthamstow Garden Party

The Walthamstow Garden Party event clashes with the date we’ve set for our street party. Anyone concerned about this should come to the next planning meeting on Wednesday 28th May 8pm in the Coppermill.


Street Party Planning Meeting 15-05-14

Street Party Planning Meeting 15-05-14

Present: Bob, Clifford, David G, David OD, Ian, Jeff, Nat, Nicky, Paul, Tekiva

1. Marquee.

Each year we’ve built a marquee (shelter) on the grassed area of the street to help make sure we can have the party whatever the weather. You can see how the shelter is usually built by having a look at the time lapse video on the website


We’ve normally raised the funds for the materials used to build the marquee ourselves and through cash raised from the raffle, though we have managed to get a bit of extra money from the council in the past couple of years.


We still have most of the materials we normally use to build the marquee but inevitably some will need to be replaced. It takes a lot of work to put the structure together before the event and to take it down afterwards (construction can start on Thursday night).


Last year we met some of the people involved in the St James St Big Local scheme who said they were looking into buying a marquee that could be hired out to local street parties.


Ali has recently emailed them to ask if they’ve done this and if we can hire it. Paul confirmed she hadn’t received a response.


2. Road Closure & Public Liability Insurance.

David G has submitted an application to the council for the road to be closed to through traffic on Saturday July 26th 2014 and for the council to cover public liability insurance costs.


3. Funding.

The event is largely self-funding, but we’ve managed to get some support from the council in recent years. David G agreed to contact Clare Coghill to enquire about any more funding that might be available this year.


As usual we’ll also have a raffle to try to raise funds to help cover any costs.


4. Entertainment.

Over the years we’ve cobbled together a basic PA system we can use for the party. This currently consists of 2 x 200w PA amps, 2 sets of speakers, a small mixer (OK for connecting a computer, MP3 player and a couple of mics) with cables to feed to both amps. We’ve also got a couple of wireless mics and a couple of basic wired mics but no mic stands. It’s been sufficient for playing music, making announcements and for the Karaoke but isn’t really up to being used by a full band.


David OD confirmed that the Irish Folk band will perform in the evening – probably around 8pm but possibly earlier. They’ve offered to play for free but It was agreed he should try to get them to charge a nominal fee.


Bob revealed he’s involved in a community choir. Everyone asked if he could find out whether the choir might perform in the afternoon. Bob agreed to look into this.


Nat agreed to explore the possibility of hiring a better PA system (suitable for a band) and a generator, and maybe some lighting. He also agreed to look into arranging a ‘house’ band and DJ for the night. It was agreed he should try to get a figure for how much all this might cost.


Nat also agreed to look into the band being open to playing live backing to people’s attempts at Karaoke.


Nat and Clifford agreed to think about the design of the stage area to make sure it can accommodate a full band with drum kit if necessary.


Everyone agreed an ‘open mic’ session could be good in the evening.


Jeff agreed to check if the Ceilidh band might agree to play in the afternoon for a reduced fee, as we don’t have £500 to pay them.


Nicky agreed to look into the possibility of hiring street entertainers.


5. Competitions.


David OD agreed that he and Debbie will organise the annual Cake/Bake competition again.


The idea of a ‘slow cycle race’ was discussed again. Jeff agreed to look into this.


Clifford agreed to co-ordinate the Elmfield ‘Olympics’ – tug of war, wheelbarrow and 3-legged races were suggested.


Tekiva agreed to ask her mum if she can co-ordinate or help organise children’s games (sack race, egg and spoon, 3-legged etc).



6. Next meeting date was agreed – 28th May 8pm at the Coppermill.









Elmfield’s 2009 Street Party – Time lapse video


Next Street Party planning meeting

If you’re interested in helping out in any way with this years party, please come along to the next planning meeting on Thursday 15th May in the Coppermill pub. We’ll be starting at 8-ish.

Big Lunch event: St James Park June 1st

The Friends of St James Park are organising a Big Lunch event on Sunday June 1st, including a “Bake Off” competition. Refer to the FOSJP website for info and updates.


Elmfield Road 2014 Street Party Update

We’ve been through all the questionnaires to work out the best (or least worst) date for this years party and the results are in … the date for the party this year will be

SATURDAY JULY 26TH 2014 3PM – 11PM(ish)

more news to follow!