How the ‘Blitz’ affected Elmfield

Have a look at BombSight to see how people living on the road and surrounding areas were¬† affected during the ‘blitz’ bombings of 1940-1941 (thanks to Roy for this link).


The map that saved the London Underground

Interesting BBC article about Macdonald Gill’s Wonderground map published in 1914

Garages on Rensburg Rd will be sold for development into ‘affordable’ housing.

You might not have been made aware of this decision taken by the council:-


Flood Resources

As you will have been made aware when you bought or rented your home in the Coppermill Lane area, you live in a designated flood zone. The Flood Relief Channel that runs along the bottom of Elmfield was built to manage historic flooding events that have always tended to occur on the River Lea. The project pre-dates climate change data.

The Environment Agency provides realtime online data of the levels for the Lee (Lower) at Walthamstow, Low Hall. This appears to be monitoring the flood relief channel.

Real time data on other local river levels is available at the Environment Agency River Levels (London) website.

You can receive free text / email flood alerts by registering with the Environment Agency.