South Grove Redevelopment Raises Local Concerns.

Some people are very concerned about the impact the imminent plans to begin redevelopment of the South Grove area (the area at the end of Markhouse Rd where the Alpha Business Centre is and the Central Station pub used to be, near St James Street Station) to build a massive supermarket will have on the local area and are angry about the way the public consultation process has been handled. They are meeting at 7pm on Tuesday December 3rd at the Town Hall on Forest Road to express their views.

You would think that the housing crisis in the local area would require a more imaginative use of that space to be given priority. The planning application suggests the development will include (not including ‘intermediate housing’) 66 1 bedroom flats, 109 2 bedroom flats and 8 bedroom flats to be put on the market with 7 1 bedroom flats, 19 2 bedroom flats and 4 3 bedroom properties to be allocated as ‘social housing’, which I calculate as around 16% of the overall properties being allocated to ‘social housing’.  The promotional website suggests the space being used “comprise of 6,831m² of Morrisons Supermarket, 5,568m² of non-food retail, 382m² of commercial units”, which does make you wonder how many homes could be built in that amount of space.

More information:-

Fight The Height: Site raising concerns about this development.

Twitter-based information resource @SouthGrove_E17

Council info on South Grove Redevelopment.

Morrisons website promoting the redevelopment plans.


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