Walthamstow Pump House Museum

While everyone is enthusing about the William (don’t mention the arsenic) Morris Museum, if you want to avoid the yummies and their special types of offspring, why not explore this local gem that’s about 10 minutes walk from here. Interesting history & examples of the technology involved in the development of social public transport over the years. William Morris might have been horrified that all these oiks could now afford to catch the bus to Walthamstow!


Lights go out on Gods Own Junkyard Sunday 22nd

A warning to any artists / creatives living/working in or thinking of moving to E17. Keep up with developments at Gods Own Junkyard.

Foraging walk on the marshes this Sunday (15th)

WF LETS & Transition Walthamstow have organised a foraging walk this Sunday on the Marshes, where “We’ll be hunting the sloes, berries and haws of early autumn and discussing what delectable uses they can be put to, as well as offering info about responsible foraging.” More info on the transitions site. Free event. Meet at 2pm Sunday 15th September at the front of Lee Valley Ice Centre, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton E10 7QL.

E17 Designers October Showcase and Designers Market

E17 Designers October Showcase and Designers Market

E17 Designers October Showcase and Designers Market

Gods Own Junkyard is running out of time.

Walthamstow is at risk of losing one of it’s most iconic and creative artists / businesses despite the efforts of Gods Own Junkyard to remain here.

Yet again, the relentless march of gentrification results in those who made an area interesting being forced out through the (odd) reluctance of our elected representatives to stand up to landlords, of so-called ‘affordable’ housing schemes (that no-one can really afford).It all starts when estate agents fund ‘arts’ magazines and start showing prospective buyers round the nearest gentrified pub… organising street parties probably doesn’t help.

In any other city this would be preserved as a world-famous tourist attraction that could bring huge numbers of visitors to the area.

Given the council’s track record (arcade site, dog track, standard etc), it looks like we’re on our own or have to go over their heads if we want to save this last remaining icon.

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Stella Creasy MP says “…this should be a nationally recognised art installation … Islington and Shoreditch housing [who] are kicking them out…” at


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