Street Party Update

Running order on the day.

  • morning – please come out to help finish off the Marquee and decorate the street
  • 1pm music starts. Bring out food and drink if you can.
  • 3pm deadline for bringing out cakes for the Bake Off Competition.
  • 3pm Swing Cats.
  • 4.30pm Elmfield Street Games.
  • 6pm Announcements of competition winners (Bake Off, Garden competitions)
  • 7pm Irish Folk Band
  • 9pm Raffle draw
  • 10pm (or earlier if we can finish the raffle) Karaoke and Disco

Bake Off Competition.

The judge needs everyone to bring out their entries by 3pm at the latest. The winners will be announced around 6pm.

When you bring out your creation make sure to get your entry registered by Debbie or Dave.


The materials for the marquee arrived on thursday morning. Please keep an eye on the materials and the Marquee and if you can, come out on Saturday morning to help get the huge cover over the frame.

Clearing the street of cars

There will be reminder notes put on windscreens asking people if they can move their cars on the day.


Well its not looking very good but we can still hope. The marquee will offer shelter if it rains. It would be great if you can bring out garden chairs and tables for everyone to use in the Marquee (our outside if the weather is good).


This week we have now been informed we have been successful in our bid for funding from the council to help cover some of the costs of the event.


This will mainly be used to cover the cost of materials needed for the marquee after all our original poles went missing a few months ago, with a small amount left over to help cover other costs. We’ll still rely on income from the raffle.

See you all on Saturday!



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