More information about the street party competitions


street party poster

AUGUST 17TH 2013 1PM TO 11PM


This is a competition for the best looking front garden on the road.

One prize (a £20.00 shopping voucher) will be awarded by an independent unbiased judge who will select the winner based on the following criteria:-

  • Most creative decorations
  • How well maintained the garden appears on the day

Judging will take place from around 5pm with the prize being awarded at around 6pm. There is no entrance fee for this competition.


There are two categories for this competition:-

  • Under 16 year olds
  • 16 and overs

This is a cake making competition. You can enter anything that would traditionally be known to be a cake (or collection of cakes) that has been through the baking process.

A trophy and a £20.00 shopping voucher will be awarded to the winner of each category.

Entry to the competition is free.

Anyone who lives on the street can enter. You can compete against familiy members or housemates.

All entries must be brought out by 5pm. There will be a table set aside for competition entries inside the marquee or under a gazebo. You’ll be given a ticket that identifies you as the rightful owner but your identity will remain anonymous.

Cakes will be judged on criteria that includes:-

  • baking skills (cakes that are obviously made from a packet mix won’t score well on this criteria)
  • use of ingredients
  • taste / flavour
  • creative design

(NOTE: this criteria might be updated closer to the event – watch this space).

The winners will be announced at around 6pm.

You won’t get your cake back afterwards, especially if it’s delicious.




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