Next planning meeting May 30th

Don’t forget the next planning meeting is at 8pm on May 30th, at the Coppermill Pub.


Words Over Waltham Forest 26 October -17 November 2013

Words over Waltham Forest is a 3 week borough-wide festival taking place from 26 October to 17 November. The aim of the festival is to host language and literary inspired events in all forms – spoken word, on the page, in art, performance, and in everyday communications”. DEADLINE for expressions of Interest: Wednesday 29 May, 5pm

More information at the Artillery site.

Date for 2013 party selected.

A vote was taken at the recent planning meeting held on April 24th on whether we should a party this year and if so, what is the best date to hold the party.

Everyone agreed we should hold a party and the date selected was August 17th 2013.

For details of the discussion held at the meeting refer to the meetings page.

The next planning meeting will be held on May 30th outside the Coppermill Pub. Have a look at the meetings page to find out why it was decided to go back to meeting at the pub. Everyone on the street is invited to the meeting, so please come along if you can.