2012 Street Party – Thank You Everyone!

PDF Version here:- Thankyou Newsletter Aug 12

Elmfield Road Street Party July 2012


We’d like to thank everyone who made this year’s event a success. Especially those who built and decorated the Marquee, shared their delicious home-made food, brought drink, entered the Bake Off, sang in the Karaoke, donated prizes and money, sold raffle tickets, bought raffle tickets, who kept everyone entertained and of course to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves when so many other events were happening elsewhere. We should also thank the Mayor for joining us and helping with the raffle.

We raised a total of £159.61 in the raffle.While not as much as we usually raise, we’re using this with money we should receive from the council to help pay the musicians and meet costs of items bought that can now be used each year, including tables, gazebos, lighting and microphones. £135 of shopping vouchers were donated but accidentally left out of the raffle, so these will be carried over to next year’s event. If you expected to be reimbursed for something you bought for the event please get in touch.

Congratulations to Rebecca for battling stiff competition to win the Bake Off with her fabulous creation. Thanks to everyone else who entered.

Use the website elmfieldroad.wordpress.com to view photos and videos of the 2012 street party and all previous events.

If you have photos to display on the website please email them to elmfieldroad@london.com or call round to 79 with print or digital copies.

The site is available all year for everyone to share information of interest to people living in and around Elmfield Road. You can email elmfieldroad@london.com with news, information or topics to add to the site, including suggestions for next year’s party.


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