Warning about bogus electricy/water people calling

I’ve just been told by a (reliable) resident of a nearby street that he’s heard there is currently a gang of people claiming to be either from electricity or water companies calling at peoples houses in the area and robbing them at gunpoint. It may be a hoax, but it’s better to be safe so please let people know who might not see this on the web.


Elmfield Road Jubilee Big Lunch Sunday June 3rd 2012 1pm

Several Elmfield Road residents have organised a traditional street party as part of the national Big Lunch Jubilee event. This will be held on Sunday June 3rd from 1pm onwards. The road will be closed to through traffic and there will be a line of tables and chairs set out for residents and their guests to get together to share food and drink. For more information contact Theresa.

Street Party Planning Meeting May 22 2012 Notes

The meeting was attended by Bob, Bridget, Charmaine, Cliff, David, Ian and Jeff. Items discussed included updates on the funding bids along with exciting news of the events to be held on the day, details of which will be finalised at the next planning meeting.

The next planning meeting was agreed to be held on Tuesday June 5tth at 7.30pm in the Coppermill Pub.

At the previous planning meeting, Cathy showed a quilt patch she had designed for the street, here’s a photo:-
Image of the quilt patch Cathy has produced

Annual Summer Street Party July 21

Street Party Flyer May 15 2012

Elmfield Road Street Party May 1935

Images from the King George V Jubilee Street Party held in May 1935.