Street Party News 25 April 2012

Elmfield Road Summer Street Party 2012

3 months to go…

Since the first annual street party in 2008 we’ve managed to hold our community event without asking for any external funding, with people on the street covering all the costs. This year the council have invited local people to bid for funding to help cover the costs of holding street parties, so Bridget, Charmaine and Cliff are preparing applications to help cover at least some of the costs of the event. They’re asking for help with the costs of the marquee, tables and chairs, decorations and entertainment equipment. We’ll let everyone know the outcome as soon as we hear back from the Council.

Road closure and insurance applications are also being submitted. We expect the road will be closed to through traffic from noon to midnight on July 21st 2012.

Some have raised concerns that ‘Camp In London’ event might invite unwanted visitors to the party. If that event goes ahead (at the moment, the council have rejected the application) it doesn’t open to the public until July 26th. This is several days after our summer street party on the 21st.

Street Party Planning Meeting Tuesday May 1st

The first full planning meeting for the summer 2012 Street Party will be held on Tuesday 1 May at 7.30pm in the Coppermill Pub. We know it’s not ideal for everyone to meet up in the pub but hopefully it should be relatively quiet on a Tuesday night. As usual, everyone is invited. If you can make it, please come along. Anyone can raise topics for discussion at the meeting, but we’ll need to make sure we cover the following:-

  • What’s happening with the applications for funding, road closure and insurance
  • The questionnaire suggestions on how the party can be improved this year
  • Other ideas for events and activities to be held on the day
  • How we can raise funds to help cover costs of the event
  • Who’s going to help co-ordinate the various activities and events.

Low Hall Sports Field Olympic Campsite Unlikely To Impact on Summer Street Party

Concerns have recently been raised that the annual Summer Street Party on July 21st might attract unwanted visitors from the ‘Camp In London‘ event planned for nearby Low Hall sports fields. However, the event does not open to the public until July 26th, and at the moment it seems that plans for the event have been rejected by the local council.

Do you remember the first time..?

2008 street party photos.


Liam’s band Lone Hand playing on 28th April

Liam’s band Lone Hand are playing at the Navestock Festival (in Navestock) along with several other bands on Saturday 28th April. The festival is £8 to get in.

Street Party 2012 Questionnaire Results.

The Street Party Questionnaire Results Are In.

45 questionnaires were distributed on 1st March, one to every home on the street. 21 were returned by the end of March. Here are the results:-

“Should there be a summer street party this year?” 20 answered YES, no-one answered NO and 1 answered NO STRONG OPINION.

“What date would you prefer?” 7 had no preference. There were 5 votes for July 7th, 5 for July 14th, 8 for July 21st and 4 for July 28th (some chose more than one date).

“Any suggestions on how the street party could be improved this year.”
• Nudist bathing and a fun adult strip in the night time – weather permitting [Please don’t worry – we’re pretty sure this was not a serious suggestion. It won’t happen, this is a family show!]
• No wind or rain
• Sunny weather please
• Ceilidh
• More chairs available in tented and grassed area – ask folk to lend and mark their chairs
• Tombola and similar
• Lucky dips have always been a hit with kids
• How about an Elmfield Road Cake Competition – a bit W.I. but with a twist
• Fruit punch non/alcoholic
• ‘Sports day’ theme – Olympics theme? Simple races like 3 legged race, egg and spoon race
• More decorations – get kids involved in making bunting/signs to put up on fence
• Invite people from “The Mill” to strengthen community contacts.

“Are you (or do you know) a performer / band who might be willing to play at the party?” 4 responses

“Can you spare some time to help organise the party? 8 positive responses.

Thanks for responding to the questionnaire. It would appear that Elmfield Road does want to hold a summer street party and the preferred date is Saturday July 21st. We now need to sort out a date and venue for the first planning meeting – watch out for posters on the street with the details.

Jubilee Street Party.

The questionnaire also asked “Are you interested in holding a Jubilee Street Party … on Sunday 3rd June to coincide with the national ‘Jubilee Big Lunch’ (see” 11 answered YES, 4 answered NO and 6 answered NO OPINION.

In response to the question “If you’d like to get involved in organising a Jubilee ‘Big Lunch’ Party, leave your name, address and contact details…” there were 4 responses. We’ll put those who responded about the Jubilee Party in touch with each other.