Street Party / Jubilee Big Lunch Questionnaire 2012: Results So Far (March 13th)

Here are the responses so far. Please spare a few minutes to fill in and return the questionnaire if you haven’t already done so.
Number of questionnaires distributed: 45
Date distributed: 1 March 2012
Number of responses: 9 by 13 March 2012

Should there be a summer street party this year?
NO  0

What date would you prefer? (Note some people voted for multiple dates)
No preference 2
July 7th 2
July 14th 3
July 21st 2
July 28th 2
Other suggested dates:- any except 14th

Suggestions on how the street party could be improved this year.
Nudist bathing and a fun adult strip in the night time – weather permitting
No Wind or Rain
More chairs available in tented and grassed area – ask folk to lend and mark their chairs

Are you (or do you know) a performer or band who might be willing to play at the party?
Lone Hand
Bronwyn Ormsby
I may do I’ll let you know

Can you spare some time to help organise the summer street party this year? If so, please leave your contact details so we can all arrange to meet up.

Yes but have young baby…
Yes I can photocopy and distribute newsletters

Are you interested in holding a Jubilee ‘Big Lunch’ … on Sunday June 3rd

NO 0

If you’d like to get involved in organising a Jubilee ‘Big Lunch’ Party, leave your name, address and contact details…
2 responses


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