Questionnaire being distributed this week.

We aim to distribute a questionnaire to the street this week that asks if people would like a summer street party this year. Please take the time to complete it and return it as soon as possible. We can only get permission to hold an event if we can show that most people on the street want one to happen. Also, people interested in arranging a seperate Jubilee Big Lunch event can provide their contact details so we can put you all in touch with each other.


Is there hope for The Standard?

People are still questioning the logic of allowing the owners of The Standard to change its use from a music venue to a supermarket, especially at the same time that a council-led Action Plan is being developed to encourage people to visit, live and work in the same area and at a time when the live music scene is thriving, with people in London crying out for new venues to both play at and to visit.

People travel for miles to go to music venues. The right kind of venue can totally transform the businesses of the surrounding area. I doubt the same can be said for a supermarket. Surely our music venues should have some kind of protection?

The BAG has recently reported there might be some hope still for The Standard.