Street Party July 16th 2011

Hi Folks

We had episodes of torrential rain of biblical proportions. We had the computer used for music and Karaoke crashing beyond repair the day before the party. We had a PA system being stretched to beyond its reasonable capabilities (despite the addition of an extra PA amp). We had a band pull out on us at the last minute. Despite all this, on Saturday July 16th 2011, yet again Elmfield Road showed the world how to hold a Street Party.

Love and respect to all those who helped make the event such a success, especially:-

  • Cliff, Peter, Rob, Paul, Stan and all the people who worked since Thursday on construction of the Marquee (and got up on Sunday after a hard day’s partying to take it all down again). The party could not happen without their sheer hard work and inventiveness.
  • Everyone on the street and beyond that brought out so much drink and delicious food to share. There was such a fantastic range this year.
  • Wildeflower for an amazing live set. Thanks for battling through the weather to get yourselves and your gear to the event and for battling through the PA problems to complete a set that helped get the party started and, maybe, showed us a hint of how we might develop the event in future. Anyone for Elmfield Road Street Festival 2012?
  • Debbie and Dave for organising and hosting the Musical Bingo event. It was a great way of helping people to get talking and dancing together, fitting in perfectly with the whole idea of the street party.
  • Everyone who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets. We get no funding for the event so rely on the raffle and donations to help cover costs. This year it appears we made over £200 on the raffle. I think we should use some of this to pay Wildeflower. They haven’t asked to be paid but really should get something. They made such an effort to play despite the terrible weather and sound problems.
  • All the Karaoke singers for their unique renditions of some much loved songs. I’m sure even those of who liked the original versions of those songs will find it hard to listen to them now.
  • Everyone who worked so hard on the event: for all the weeks of work beforehand and for their work on the day to keep the event running and to clear up afterwards.

We send our love especially to Bob, who insisted the party go ahead as planned at what must be an incredibly difficult time for him. We’re so sad Mavis couldn’t be there to enjoy the party with us.

I didn’t get the chance to take many photos this year. Here are the photos I did take.  If you took photos or video clips that you’d like to share here, please send copies or links or pop them round to 79 on a CD or USB stick.

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Street Party Update July 13th 2011

Hi all,
The final party preparations are now underway. The weather forecast isn’t very promising at the moment but the party will go ahead, rain or shine.

Cliff will be out putting the framework of the Marquee together from Thursday onwards. Please pop out and give him a hand if you can, especially on Saturday morning. It’s important that the Marquee is securely constructed by Saturday lunchtime so that, even it is raining, we all can start bringing out food and drink and can start wiring up the PA and lighting equipment in a safe, dry environment.

If it’s really pouring down on the day, maybe people who have Gazebos could build them on the Green to add more shelter space.

As usual there won’t be a traditional long street party table on the street, so please bring out spare chairs, camping tables etc that can be set out on the Green or in the Marquee.

Here’s some of the food and drink people have told us, so far, that they’re planning to make and bring along:- Greek salad with feta, cakes, dolma, dumplings, pizzas, quiche, wine, rice and peas, carrot juice, stir fried noodles, fried rice, cupcakes, hotdogs, pasta, muffins, croissant, bhadia, pilau rice, potato salad, more wine, nibbles, scotch eggs, snacks, crisps, Turkish cakes, watermelon, soft drinks, Guinness punch, cous cous salad,

We’ll need the following on the day:- Paper plates, paper dishes, disposable cutlery, serviettes, cling film, kitchen foil, paper towels, ice, strong bin bags. I’m planning to go out and buy these over the next couple of days but it will help to have more on the day.

If you tend to have an empty recycling box, maybe you could bring these over on the day for cans, bottles etc.

Don’t forget to move any vehicles you have to either end of the street by Saturday lunchtime (away from the centre of the street) so that there’s a safe space in the centre of the street for people to use. The road will be closed to all but emergency vehicles on the day.

There’ll be a list of Karaoke songs available for everyone to look through from lunchtime by the stage. At the moment, the running order is 3pm The Stowicks (Ceilidh Band), 7pm Musical Bingo (announcements about how this works will be made on the day), 8.00pm Wildeflower (live covers / rock set), 9pm Raffle, 10pm Karaoke and Dancing. Ongoing throughout the day will be the Boules tournament, kids games and face painting.

Raffle tickets will be on sale all day. Please buy tickets to help support the event. You might even win something.

Here’s hoping the Elmfield Road 2011 Street Party is the best ever, whatever the weather.