Street Party 2011 – first informal get together.

It’s time to start thinking about the Street Party again.

Elmfield Road residents are invited to an informal get together to discuss ideas for this years Street Party at 3pm on Sunday March 27th in the beer garden of the Coppermill pub if the weather is fine or inside the pub if it’s raining.

If you can’t make the meeting you can jot down any ideas or suggestions you might have for this years party and drop them through the letterboxes of Cliff at number 11 or David at number 79, preferably before the 27th so they can be discussed at the meeting.

If you strongly object to there being a party this year, please let us know (anonymously if you prefer) by dropping a note through the letterbox of either of the above addresses before the 27th March.

If we all agree we want a party, the first thing we need to do is decide a day to hold it on. Mid to late July (Saturday the 16th, 23rd or even the 30th) is usually best for most people. If you have a preference for a particular date please come to the get together or let Cliff or David know before March 27th.

Don’t forget to use this site to share comments and suggestions.