Notes from the Planning Meeting held on 27 March 2011

13 residents and their friends attended the meeting. The date for the 2011 party was agreed to be Saturday July 16th.

David agreed to obtain the necessary council forms to apply for the road to be closed on the day, and to apply for Public Liability Insurance using funds raised from the 2010 party.

Everyone agreed there should be a Marquee on the grass again, located around the centre of the street. Cliff was voted to co-ordinate the construction of the Marquee.

Ideas about how the event might connect with the Walthamstow Art Trail were explored. Debbie and Dave agreed to contact the Arts Trail organisers. Margaret agreed to investigate possible sources of materials for a street arts project that could be created on the day of the street party and displayed during the Art Trail week.

David and Alison agreed to help co-ordinate and support people who are making food for the event. Bridget and Fi agreed to gather ideas for children’s activities. The possibility of inviting people to set up stalls on the day was discussed. Everyone agreed a raffle should be held again this year, with tickets selling for 50p or £2.00 for a strip of 5.

Ian agreed to explore the offer from a local band to perform a ‘covers’ set. Bridget agreed to find out if the Ceilidh band can perform again. Debbie was voted to co-ordinate a Musical Bingo event. Everyone agreed they want Karaoke again. Ian agreed to collect ideas for songs that people want to be able to sing on the day.

An outline timetable of events on the day was agreed, subject to availability of bands: 3–4pm Ceilidh. 5-6pm Musical Bingo. 7-8pm Live Band. 8.30-9.30pm Raffle. 9.30–11pm Karaoke and music.

All are welcome to the next meeting on Sunday May 15th 2011 at 3pm, to be held on the grassed area opposite the houses (weather permitting).

Can you volunteer to help with any of the following…?

  • Marquee construction. Anyone who can help e.g. with collecting materials, building and dismantling the Marquee etc please contact Cliff at number 11 as soon possible.
  • Children’s activities. Ideas for children’s events can be dropped off with Bridget at number 4.
  • Raffle prizes. Any donations can be left with Debbie and Dave at 81, David at 79 or Cliff at 11.
  • Karaoke songs. Jot down your ideas and drop them through the letterbox at number 79.

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    Street Party 2011 – first informal get together.

    It’s time to start thinking about the Street Party again.

    Elmfield Road residents are invited to an informal get together to discuss ideas for this years Street Party at 3pm on Sunday March 27th in the beer garden of the Coppermill pub if the weather is fine or inside the pub if it’s raining.

    If you can’t make the meeting you can jot down any ideas or suggestions you might have for this years party and drop them through the letterboxes of Cliff at number 11 or David at number 79, preferably before the 27th so they can be discussed at the meeting.

    If you strongly object to there being a party this year, please let us know (anonymously if you prefer) by dropping a note through the letterbox of either of the above addresses before the 27th March.

    If we all agree we want a party, the first thing we need to do is decide a day to hold it on. Mid to late July (Saturday the 16th, 23rd or even the 30th) is usually best for most people. If you have a preference for a particular date please come to the get together or let Cliff or David know before March 27th.

    Don’t forget to use this site to share comments and suggestions.

    Elmfield Road Area Burglaries

    Sadly, there have been a few burglaries and attempted burglaries on the street recently, so people should take care with security and keep an eye out for their neighbours. We’ll post details of the first street party planning meeting date here soon when maybe people can also get together to share phone numbers and have a think about how we can improve security on the street.