Street Party July 10th 2010

The FINAL PLANNING MEETING will be on Sunday July 4th, on the grass verge at 3pm.


street party 2010It’s very unlikely that David and Ian will be able to attend the above meeting (due to serious family illness). If anyone wants to get together with David and Ian to discuss final arrangements before the meeting please come and meet us for a drink in the Coppermill on Thursday June 24th at about 9pm. We’re really sorry we’ve found it hard to help out with final plans for the party, but we still hope to be there for the weekend of the party to make sure the music and Karaoke works. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there too xx.


Notes from the Street Party Meeting June 6th 2010.

There was a good turnout for the first street party meeting to be held on the grass verge on the street. Nadine took very detailed minutes which are available from David, Nadine or Ian. Here’s a summary of what was discussed:-

The marquee will be 45-feet in length. It will require volunteers on Thursday night to help construct the frame, and on the day to help finish off covering the frame. A stage will be constructed inside the Marquee.

People could bring out any spare tables (for food and raffle prizes) and garden chairs on the day. You might want to put your door number on a sticker on any furniture you bring out, just to make sure it all gets back to its rightful owners.

Please invite friends and relatives. There will be no charge for anyone to attend the party, just ask people to bring some food or drink along and/or to buy some raffle tickets.

The next planning meeting will be on the grass verge again, on Sunday June 20th at 3pm.

The party will start at 1pm on Saturday July 10th.

The Karaoke will be extended to 2 hours and it is possible we might have some live music on the day (watch this space, I guess).

Other events on the day include face painting, world-cup themed games, a Wii tournament, Coconut Shy, races, bingo … come to the next meeting to find out more.

Don’t forget the road will be closed to traffic all day from 12 noon and it’ll work best if people move their cars to either end of the street.

If people can bring out their recycle boxes to be used on the day that would be great, but remember to put your door number on the box so it can be returned to the right house.

Street Party Meeting June 6th 2010

Hi Folks,
Here’s hoping this amazing weather holds out for 3pm on Sunday, when we’re holding our first ever open air street party planning meeting out on the grass verge opposite our houses. Please come along and join in, even if you’ve never been to a planning meeting before. We’re bringing out a camping table and some chairs and we’ll hopefully all share a few drinks in the sunshine.

Here’s a summary of some the items that will be discussed at the meeting:-

An update about the collection of prizes for the raffle (that helps pay for the event) and when tickets will go on sale.

What’s happening about the road closure, insurance and marquee building.

What events are already planned for the day and what other events people would still like to organise.

An update about the PA and Karaoke system.

Discussion about who’s planning to bring out what food and drink on the day.

Anything else that comes to mind.

We’re all hoping you’ll come out and join us at 3pm on Sunday.