Street Party Update April 23 2010

The party will be held on Saturday, July 10th 2010. We’re asking the council to close the road from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

Suggestions for events on the day so far include an extended Karaoke session and “Musical Bingo”. Please let us know if you have any other brilliant ideas for events. You could come to the next meeting, message the website or drop a note through the letterbox at number 39.

The marquee should be more robust this year in case it’s windy again. Tables will be set out inside the marquee for people to bring out any food and drink they’d like to share.

We’ve still got the banner and bunting from last year, but feel free to create more decorations to put up on the day.

There’ll be face painting and children’s games all day.

We’re hoping to hire a better quality PA this year, along with four decent microphones and mike stands for the Karaoke.

As usual, we’ll be funding the event (insurance, PA hire etc) through a raffle. David will be out begging for raffle prizes soon. If you have something to donate, please drop it off at number 39. Raffle tickets will go on sale from June and will be on sale on the day.

The next meeting will be held on May 20th at 8pm in the Coppermill, but we’re hoping to hold another meeting very soon after that – on a Sunday afternoon in someone’s garden or maybe out on the grass. We’ll let you know when this will be either through a flyer or on posters.


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