Street Party Planning Meeting. March 21 2010.

Possible dates for the party this year were discussed. Most people favoured early July so that people with children who might be going on holiday when the schools break up can attend. It was agreed to send out a flyer to everyone on the street asking their opinion on whether they’d prefer the party to be on Saturday the 10th or the 17th of July. People to be asked to return this by the end of March so that the application to the council to have the road closed can be sent off as early as possible.

Concerns were raised about the amount of litter generated last year so it was agreed we’d make an effort to make sure more bins are available, with clearly marked separate recycling bins.

The amount of food brought out by everyone last year meant that a lot of it didn’t get eaten. It was felt that some way of letting people know what other people are making might help avoid stuff going to waste.

Ideas for events were discussed. The Karaoke was so popular last year everyone felt this could be extended. Events that might help raise money to cover costs were also discussed. Possibilities included bingo, fairground-style attractions (coconut shy, palm reading, throwing sponges at willing volunteers) or a quiz. People on the street to be asked for more ideas for events. Also the need to check with the Public Liability Insurance to ensure events won’t void this was raised.

The sound system was pretty much pushed to its limits last year, so it was agreed investigation will be carried out into local PA/Karaoke equipment hire firms to see if a better quality system can be obtained for the day.

The date was set for the next meeting. Everyone invited to attend on the 31st March at 8pm at the Coppermill Pub.


Planning for 2010

2010More info coming soon …. msg the site if you have ideas or want to help.

2010 Street Party.

It’s getting close to the time of year when we need to start planning the next street party, assuming we all want another one?