Street Party 2009 Video

The street thanks the following people:-

  • Clifford, Peter, Stan and their team for building (and maintaining) the marquee;
  • Alison, Pete and Katherine for the banners and bunting;
  • Bridget for the face painting;
  • Jeff for keeping the kids entertained;
  • Margaret + family for the sing-along;
  • Everyone involved in the Karaoke, especially the MC and the singers;
  • Everyone who brought out the delicious food to share on the day;
  • Stan + wife and Charmaine for the dangerous punch;
  • Everyone who contributed to, and danced to, their guilty pleasures;
  • Paul and Rachel for collecting raffle prizes and helping set out the banners/bunting;
  • Everyone who bought raffle tickets – we raised £225.00 to help pay for the next party;
  • Everyone who came out and danced, mingled, gossiped, shared food and drink and partied 🙂

Have I missed anyone?


One Response

  1. This website provides bunting to street parties all over the UK, thought I should share it seen as though this was about that topic.

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