Street Party Meeting Notes: May 4th 2009

Elmfield Road Street Party – 18th July 2009
Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting on Bank Holiday Monday evening. The next meeting will be held on Monday 18th May at 8pm at the Coppermill Pub.
The following points were discussed:
1. David is waiting for the road closure paperwork. Stage insurance to be decided upon in June. We are considering whether to hire a bouncy castle for children. To look into insurance costs.
2. Ian to keep chasing up any available funding.
3. Any more volunteers to co-ordinate events?
4. Ali and Katherine will be decorating the street for the party and are asking for ANY DONATIONS OF FABRIC, PAPER, CRAFT MATERIALS (give to Ali at No 13)
5. Cliff, Stan and Alan are organising the marquee.
6. Paul (No13) to contact Fire Brigade to see if they are available on 18th July to lead activities linked with fire service.
7. Any money raised to go towards improving the street and/or green opposite (e.g. community garden, garden bench).
8. Residents may want to invite non-resident family or friends. If anyone has views as to whether non-residents should be charged for attending (e.g. £1.00 or 50p for adults, children 50p or free) or whether we should have a donation bucket at the party, please let us know. Also, should residents ask guests to donate some food and drink? If anyone has strong views either way, please let us know (David No39 or Bridget No4 or come to meeting).
9. WFM have been invited to cover the street party in their free paper.
10. Cliff suggested a sing-a-long to old time classics. Margaret has volunteered to lead a sing-a-long – (e.g. Lambeth Walk, Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner, Underneath the Arches).UPDATE here’s a link to some old musicn  hall songs, for inspiration 🙂
It was decided a time table of events on the day would be useful
Provisional timetable of events

3pm Street Party begins Face Painting / children’s games / eating and drinking

4.30pm-5pm Best Dressed Pet Show? (Bridget, Andrea)

6pm-7pm Elmfields got Talent (David)

7.30pm-8pm Knees-up (Margaret)

8pm Raffle

8.30pm Band? Karaoke?

9.30pm DJ?
11.30pm Grand Finale …. Chinese Lanterns

This is only a provisional timetable and may change. For example, depending on whether a karaoke machine can be hired or borrowed, whether there is a band)
Any suggestions or contributions are welcome and valued.
Our next meeting is on Monday 18th May 8pm The Coppermill Pub. Please come along.


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