Street Party 2009 – possible dates to avoid?

If we’re having a street party this year, we could try to make sure it doesn’t clash with other events people might want to go to. These are some events already planned this year:

07.06.2009  Camden Green Fair 2009  Regents Park  Camden
20.06.2009  Tottenham Carnival  Bruce Castle Park  Tottenham
20.06.2009 Paradise Gardens Festival  Victoria Park  Tower Hamlets
04.07.2009  Pride London 2009  Various, Central London  –
04.07.2009 Leytonstone Festival  Various – Leytonstone
12.07.2009 Rise Festival Finsbury Park
12.07.2009 Walthamstow Festival (council-organised, clashing with Rise as usual. Rise is the one chance Londoners have to get together and make a positive statement about embracing all the cultures in our town and rejecting racism)
2009 Shoreditch Festival  Shoreditch, various venues
18.07.09 Lovebox Victoria Park
18.07.2009  Leytonstone Festival  Various – Leytonstone –
22.07.2009  Shoreditch Festival  Shoreditch, various venues
02.08.2009  Carnival del Pueblo  Burgess Park  Southwark
02.08.2009  East London Mela 2009  Barking Park  Barking and Dagenham
12.09.2009 The Mayors Thames Festival  South Bank  Southwark
13.09.2009  The Spitalfields Show and Green Fair 2009  Allen Gardens and Spitalfields City Farm  Tower Hamlets

Also, there is the Brick Lane Festival and the Walthamstow Mela. –  anyone know the dates of these?


2009 Street Party.

Hi Folks. Do we want a street party during the summer of 2009? Should we start organising it now?