Street Party August 31 2008.

The road will be closed to through traffic. Please move cars to the ends, or off, the street so kids can play safely. If you have a bit of time free in the morning please spend a  bit of time in the morning clearing the grass of dog poo or rubbish so it’s safe for kids.

Kids and adults all invited to paint the street party banner from the early afternoon. There will be (water-based) paint and brushes for people to use – bring some more if you have any.

We’ll have the tables set out in the early afternoon so you can bring out food or if you just want to come and eat. Don’t feel you can’t join in if you didn’t manage to cook some food. The barbecues will  probably get going around 4.30pm (feel free if you can volunteer some time to help bbq on the day). There’ll be soft drinks, juices — and some rum punch for the adults.

Kids – there’ll be fancy dress competitions – get working on your outfits.

Loads of other games for kids and adults throughout the day – look out for the events line-up.

Dancing in the street is strongly encouraged.

No fireworks but we can set off the sky lanterns when it gets dark.

Raffle tickets will be on sale all day. £1 each or 5 for £4. Prizes include Champagne, Cinema Tickets, Chocolates, Cognac, Port, posh teas etc.

Residents, their family and their friends are all invited!


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