Street party planning meeting August 10th 2008.

Well folks, it only a couple of weeks or so until the party. Hope you’ve all decided what you’re going to wear and have been working on your most spectacular dance moves to impress everyone with on the day. Just a few notes from the last planning meeting:-

 We’ve booked the weather to be beautiful and sunny for the day, but just in case our order got lost in the post Cliff and Stan hope to be able to design some kind of shelter using bits of wood, some old rope, tarpaulins and sheer willpower. Good luck with that, guys.  If anyone has gazebo’s they could set up on the grass for the day let us know.

 If you can, please cook a bit of food for the whole street to sample. There’ll be tables where it can all be set out. Also, there’ll be two barbecues (one for meat, chicken fish etc and one for veggie food), so if you prefer you could provide some food to be barbecued. You could even give any charcoal or coal you might have lying around over from the summer to be used on the barbecues.

 The raffle prizes are coming in thick and fast. As well as three bottles of champage we now have two Odeon South Woodford cinema tickets, kindly donated by Charmagne.

 Hopefully, any artistic kids and non-kids will paint a huge street party banner on the day, which will be hung from the railings for all to admire. Anyone who can donate sheets, paints, brushes, other banner-making materials and/or artists (kids and non-kids) please let us know.

 There’s already some events planned for the day, but if you’ve got any ideas for things kids (and adults) can join in with please let us know.

 The road should be closed for the day and, if necessary, insurance will be bought. There’s a bit of debate about whether it’s necessary for insurance but that will all be sorted out by then.

 We’ve got the sky lanterns and tried one out the other night “just to make sure they work”. It looked pretty impressive floating off over the reservoirs. We can all set the rest of them off together at the end of the night.

THE NEXT PLANNING MEETING IS THURSDAY 14 AUGUST 7.30PM AT THE COPPERMILL PUB. Please come along if you have time, even if you haven’t been to any other meetings.


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