Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 6th August

Elmfield Road Street Party.
Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 6th August
Attended: Cliff, David, Ian, Julie. Guest: Councillor O’Rourke.

Road Closure and Parking.
David has spoken to the Borough Council for advice on closing the road. He understands this will be possible if Public Liability Insurance is arranged. He was given details of an insurance company that provides cover for street party events, who provided a quotation for cover up to £1,000,000 for £50.00. A further quotation of £80.00 was provided for cover of up to £5,000, 000. David has tried to contact people on Chester Road to find out who they use for insurance on their street party without success. It was agreed to use the company who provided David with the quotations. The basic cover should be sufficient, given the nature of the event.

It was agreed that people would be asked to move their cars to the ends of the street by the morning of the event to keep the street clear for the party.

Cooking and Barbecue Equipment.
In previous meetings, people agreed it would be good to have two barbecues (one for meat and one for non-meat), so people who want to contribute barbecue-type food can cook it. Efforts have been made by various people to try to borrow this equipment, without success. It now looks like this equipment will need to be hired. It was agreed that anybody who has the time would get details of local, reasonably priced barbecue hire sources and report back at the next meeting.

It has previously been agreed that tables will be needed for the event. Cliff has now successfully negotiated free loan of tables that should be suitable (these are each 3.9m long). After some discussion, it was agreed that Cliff should ask for four tables: two for food/drinks, one for “bring and buy” or similar activities, one for arts and crafts/children’s activities.

Cliff explained he is still chasing up the possibility of borrowing small marquee/gazebo-type shelters.

Events on the day.
The children-orientated events discussed at previous meetings should go ahead and people agreed children should be able to play an active part in deciding on events they want. It was agreed to emphasise this point in the newsletter.

People are gathering information about local history so this can be shared with all residents on the day. It was agreed that people would ask residents who have knowledge about recent (or not so recent) history of the area to share this on the day, maybe by giving a speech or holding a discussion session. It was also agreed to ask any residents who might have old photos of the street to allow copies to be taken, so these can be enlarged and exhibited on the day.

Ian has ordered Khoom Fay Sky Lanterns to be used as a (pet friendly) alternative to fireworks at the end of the day.  See http://www.mlepyro.co.uk/firelantern/ for more info

No further information was available about the Gaelic music event discussed at previous meetings.

Hire companies who can provide small PA systems suitable for small street parties were discussed, but no decision was made about hiring a suitable PA system that can be used for music and speech events on the day.
The need to consider how any costs incurred in providing the event for residents might be covered has been raised at previous meetings.

Councillor O’Rourke provided some useful advice to the group on funding-related issues. He agreed to provide information on possible funding sources to David and to endorse the event if this might help the funding application.

Possible sponsorship was briefly discussed. The group agreed that, realistically, they will have to cover any costs incurred in setting up the event in the hope that these will be reimbursed later, e.g. from grants or other sources. A raffle was agreed at previous meetings to help cover some costs. Councillor O’Rourke, Julie and Ian all agreed to donate bottles of Champagne for raffle prizes.

Next Meeting.
People felt it was very important that residents who haven’t been able to attend meetings about the event should have the chance to come along to the next meeting, given that the event is now only a few weeks away. Holding the meeting on Sunday afternoon might help.

It was agreed that the next meeting should be held on Sunday 10th August 2008 at 6pm in the garden of the Coppermill Pub.


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  1. Hello- this all looks great! If I can help with your next one please do get in touch? I live up the road from you so would be happy to help on stella@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk.


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