Minutes from 29th July 2008 meeting.

Elmfield Road Street Party
Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 29th July 2008

Attended: Bridget, Geoff, Cliff, Ian, Jen, David, Sue Charmaine, Maudy Paws

Previous Minutes:  Agreed as correct.

Street Party to be held on Sunday 31stAugust2008
3.00pm – 10.00pm

Action Points from Previous Meeting

Julie (No.35) & Bridget (No.5)
Have obtained cost from children’s entertainer £120 for 2 hours to include face painting.

Geoff & Bridget (No. 5)

Were unable to make contact with organisers of Chester Rd Street Party.

Cliff (No. 11)

Confirms he can hire trestle tables, floodlights and tarpaulin free of charge.

David (No. 39)

Funding:Has emailed Cllr O’Rourke, still awaiting reply on funding.

Road closure: Has received application form from Tim Cullen at Waltham Forest Council for permission to close road.  Also, need to take out 1 day Public Liability insurance.  David called 3 companies offering quotes ranging from £55 to £110 for liability of £1m to £5m.

Preparing road for party: –

Public Liability: Jen suggest we speak to  LBWF Community Development to see if they could include us in their insurance cover.

Funding: It was suggested that we calculate possible total cost for street party and add 20%.  In interim, Charmaine and David to chase Cllr O’Rourke to find out how much Council are prepared to give us.

Charmaine suggest Raffle to help raise funds.  All agreed.  Charmaine to buy cloakroom tickets.  Geoff and Cliff offered Bollinger and wine as prizes.  Tickets to sell 5 for £1.

Road closure: Sue and David to chase up woman in Chester Road  who organised Chester Rd Street Party.

It was also suggested that the road need only be closed during the hours of the party. Cones will be needed.

Grass cutting: Overall, opinion is that difficult getting council to cut grass.  Cliff suggests we contact council, 2 weeks before party, on  Environmental Health 0800 807060.

Equipment: We still need marquees or gazebos.  Cliff to investigate.

2 barrel BBQ – Sue to speak to Linda & Teresa to see whether they have one to lend.

Hiring of PA system

No fireworks in consideration of residents with pets.

Adult Entertainment

Ask 1 or 2 senior residents whether they will do a history talk or similar on the local area.  David to arrange.

Egg & spoon race.

Charmaine to speak to Paul at no.75 re other ideas for entertainment.
People to bring own drinks.

Children’s Entertainment

Elmfield Kids Crew

Have your say!

What sort of entertainment would you like?
A)    Sheet painting
B)    3 legged sack race
C)    Treasure Hunt
D)    Being given disposable cameras to photograph events
E)    You tell us!

Hands on the day

Cooking on BBQ – Geoff volunteer to do.  Cliff to help.
DJ-ing: Cliff to speak to his son.
Music: Ian suggests people supply own music. Jen suggest salsa.
Bunting: Ian suggests kids can design and make this.

Equipment for costing

Hiring a good PA System with mixing desk.
DJ from 6pm
Furniture: trestle tables, gazebo, marquee.
Hiring 2 barrel BBQ; Catering
Sheets, sacks, eggs, spoon, buntings
Washable paints and brushes
Face painting/entertainer,
Treasure Hunt prizes
Disposable cameras

Action Points (If task completed before next meeting, please let David know by emailing roger.griffith@yahoo.co.uk).

Sue (No. 71) & David (No. 39): To contact female party organiser in Chester Road regarding procedure for road closure.

Sue (No. 71): To speak to Linda & Teresa in Elmfield Road about borrowing their 2 Barrel BBQ.

David (No. 39): To arrange Long Term Residence History Day.

Cliff (No. 11): To look into possibility of hiring marquee/gazebo free of charge

Ian (No. 39): To investigate cost of Chinese Lanterns for entertainment.

Charmaine (No. 73): To include Children’s Section in minutes for their comments and contributions.

To buy book of cloakroom tickets.

All:  Volunteer residents needed to phone Environmental Health on 0800 807060 two weeks before party, so that they can cut the grass.

Thanks to Ian (No. 39) for suggesting the following website: https://elmfieldroad.wordpress.com
ALL residents can visit the Elmfield Road website on for up-to-date information and minutes and your comments.

NB. Next meeting wil be WEDNESDAY  6TH AUGUST 2008 (not Tuesday) 7pm at Coppermill Pub Beer Garden.


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