Minutes of Elmfield Road Street Party Meeting held on 15-07-08.

Attended: Julie, Bridget, Geoff, Cliff, David, Nadine.

Previous minutes agreed.

Street party to be held on 31.08.07 3pm – 10pm.

Action points from previous meeting:

  • David emailed LBWF re: road closure, awaiting reply.
  • David emailed Councillor O’Rourke re: funding possibilities – awaiting a reply.
  • Roy to gather information about Chester Road Street Party – awaiting a response.
  • Julie to investigate costs for trestle tables and gazebos – gazebo £11.97.

Options for children’s events.

Bridget and Geoff agreed to participate with children’s activities along with Margaret.

  • Face Painting
  • 3 legged race
  • pass the parcel
  • musical status
  • sack race
  • football

Outcome of discussion:

A designated area is needed to hold the above activities. Activities to be undertaken at least half an hour apart.


Discussed option raised in previous minutes and discussed options in case funding is not possible.

Outcome of discussion:

If funding available, DJ from 6pm onwards for a 2 hour slot and/or Ceilidh (Irish/Scottish social gathering with traditional music and dancing).

If funding is not available, street members will be asked to contribute the music they would like to be played or a compilation of music. This is so that all tastes in music are catered for. However it was discussed that the music played is respectful to all with no derogatory language/terms of phrases.

A news letter will need to be designed and distributed closer to the time of the event stating that all residents are welcome to participate and their help is needed.

Other possible options for the day:

Suggestions from previous meeting – stalls to swap books, trinkets or homegrown vegetables and/or Reiki sessions.

Options for food and drink:

Providing a barbecue is an option that is depending on funding .. an alternative option is for all those participating in the the street party to provide 2 food dishes (table clothes will be needed, possibly white ones).

Alcohol: residents to bring their own.

Soft drinks: if funding is available then soft drinks to be provided. If not alternative option is for those participating in the street party to provide their own.

Volunteers: required to help tidy up.

Action points.

  • David to follow up contact with councillor, pursue council regarding road closure, follow up grass being cut, follow up those who agreed to undertake an action/activity in first meeting.
  • Julie to follow up cost of Marquee hire.
  • Cliff to source possibility of accessing trestle tables, source use of flood lights.
  • Julie and Bridget to check and source children’s entertainment.
  • Geoff and Bridget to speak to organiser/participants of Chester Road street party for information.

Date of next meeting: 29 July Coppermill Pub Garden Area (from 7pm).


Street Party Date Agreed.

The Elmfield Road 2008 Street Party will be held on 31st August between 3pm and 10pm.